"Veronika is an expert researcher and consultant. She brings extraordinary value to the qualitative analysis that we do for our clients. She not only produces outstanding client deliverables, but she also coaches and trains us in the process. She is always looking for new ways to add value, is a joy to work with, and you can always count on her. Her coaching, insights, and thought partnership are essential parts of the value we provide to our clients."
Carolyn Hendrickson, Founder, Tandem Group, Inc.

"I have periodically brought Veronika Kopcik, President, Research Bridge into a client engagement in support of organization and executive assessments being conducted. Veronika is highly skilled at analyzing information collected from the assessment interviews, and she acts as a true research "partner" throughout the process. Her suggestions to enhance the assessments and findings are excellent, her work is of the highest quality, she is attentive, and most of all it's a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to continuing to partner with her and to using her expertise as opportunities arise, and I highly recommend her to other consultants who want an effective researcher as a partner to their work."
Jonathan Z. Gottlieb, PhD., Partner, JZG Consulting, LLC

"Veronika, great job capturing the story of this non-profit. It's like you read my mind. Brilliant."
Gavin Fenn-Smith, Partner, The River Group

"I partnered with Veronika on two occassions on very intense client assignments involving complex qualitative analysis. Her work was superb, she was terrific to work with in constructing the outline for the analysis, her output was very clear and high quality and she was very flexible in the face of a tough deliverable timetable. I know I will be working with Veronika again and look forward to it."
Rick Hardin, Founder, Rick Hardin & Associates

"Well done! The report hit everything we needed to see. Very well laid out and clear. This will be very useful to us."
Doug Wansbrough, General Manager, Devil's Glen Country Club

"Veronika Kopcik designed an employee survey for our organization that provided us with highly relevant and actionable results. The multi-year survey had a very high rate of participation from our employees at over 40 golf clubs. We received positive feedback on the survey from our club managers who used the club and department level results to better engage their direct reports and enhance customer service. The key driver analysis conducted by Research Bridge enabled our senior team to allocate resources where they made the most impact on our employee engagement and, ultimately, business results."
Steve Scott, HR Manager, ClubLink Corporation

"Veronika is a very skilled research consultant. She sees the big picture while maintaining attention to all important details. Veronika has a rare ability to sift through a vast amount of qualitative data and produce a coherent, understandable, and client-friendly report. She adds real value to any consulting team."
Lela Tepavac, President, Fit Leadership, LLC

"Veronika is highly talented and intelligent with strong abilities in research design, implementation, analytics, and evaluation. I have found her to be a caring, dedicated professional who listens carefully, always provides helpful input, and strives to achieve excellence in her consulting work."
Lois Raats, Founder, Ready2Grow

"Research Bridge provided deep, comprehensive intelligence about our target market using multiple strategies that fit our needs, but the real value was the key insight Veronika Kopcik provided upon analysis - enhancing our understanding of our current and potential members, changing our conceptions, and taking us in new directions."
Iain Klugman, President and CEO, Communitech

"You did outstanding work on the assessment and I am so grateful. This effort will give our Board much data and opportunity to truly grow and become the Board we want to be; the goal is excellence and your efforts are a great beginning to the work that is ahead of us. Many, many thanks."
Mike McCoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mars Hill Graduate School

"Research Bridge has a superior ability to gather data and communicate results across an organization. In addition to a research methodology that gathers critical information, survey results are clear and well organized. They are also presented in a way that allows functional and department managers to identify individual action steps. The layout of the reports is visually instructive and comprehensible for employees and as a result, communication company wide is that much easier. This is a science that Research Bridge excels at."
Ruth Brothers, Vice President of Human Resources, Teva Novopharm

"As the owner and operator of over 30 premiere golf clubs in Ontario and Quebec, we asked Research Bridge to design and conduct an annual Membership Survey with our 14,000 Members. The survey results provided very valuable information to our senior management. The detailed club-specific reports were embraced by management at our clubs, who responded to the feedback with initiatives that are enhancing Members' experience at each of our golf courses. Working with the Research Bridge team has been a very positive experience and we look forward to continuing the relationship."
Murray Blair, Vice President of Member Services, ClubLink Corporation

"DataPath Inc. was very pleased with the work Research Bridge did in preparing and compiling data for our 2005 and 2006 employee survey. Their material is presented in very easy to understand charts that enable managers to get a clear picture of areas in need of improvement. We were very pleased with the full breakdown of data provided at the department, business unit and overall company level."
Diane B. Ford, Vice President of Human Resources, DataPath Inc.

"Our partnership with Research Bridge has contributed to our success in helping CEOs and senior executives lead major change within their organizations. Whether it is initial diagnosis or monitoring the impact of change initiatives on employees, customers or suppliers, Research Bridge has consistently provided us with meaningful and accurate data. Their high quality work, safeguards to ensure discretion and confidentiality, fast turnaround times, and strong customer service focus make them a pleasure to work with."
Mindy Millward, Partner, Passages Consulting

"The survey data was both easy to interpret and meaningful, giving us a clear sense of the current state of our organization. In addition, the clarity from the graphs and charts enabled us to make some important decisions about needed areas of focus."
Melodie Blacklidge, Chief Medical Officer, Group Health Associates/TriHealth

"Excellent work. I can't tell you how much I enjoy working with you guys. There aren't many companies out there like yours. We look forward to working with you for many years to come."
Lane Padgett, Senior Director of Supply Chain, DataPath Inc.

"As a young growing company we had never conducted a client survey of any kind. In my initial meeting I could see the knowledge, expertise and a great attitude that Research Bridge brought to the table. They were able to guide me through the development of a program which will become a core component of our business and culture as we move forward. We recently received the results of our first survey and it reinforced our plans and investments to ensure we are the benchmark our clients measure others against. The next survey will tell us if our clients see the results of these efforts - which is the only scorecard that matters."
Rod Foster, Chief Executive Officer, Covarity

"Research Bridge facilitated the development, implementation and promotion of our customer satisfaction survey. We have run this survey multiple times and it was a first-class, hassle-free experience every time. The surveys helped us get valuable feedback from our end users, take steps in response and see the impact of the changes over time."
Steve Carpenter, Director of Customer & Service Logistics, Integrated Logistics Support, DataPath Inc.

"The Kitchener Waterloo Business Women's Association was absolutely delighted with the work of Veronika Kopcik and her team at Research Bridge. The questions they developed for our Membership Survey were based on a thorough understanding of our Association's and the Board's needs. The report on the results of the survey clearly identified our strengths and areas for improvement, and included a recommended action plan, which assisted the Board in strategic planning. In addition, Ms. Kopcik presented a report on key findings to our Members, many of whom subsequently commented on the high quality and professionalism of the work done by Research Bridge."
Ellen Murphy, Partner with Clarke Starke & Diegel and President, KWBWA

"Research Bridge helped in the design and implementation of our 360 online survey. The team was very easy to work with and always responded quickly. The compiled results were provided to us in a matter of days and the data was well organized. Overall, they did a fantastic job."
Jill Daiter, Human Resources Manager, Courtyard Group